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Bundanoon Highland Gathering – Saturday 5th April, 2014




We left home on Friday morning for the 3-1/2 hour drive down to Bundanoon and our first Gathering for the year.  It was raining on the way but cleared as we put up the Clan Scott tent.  There were a few already erected earlier and other Clans just arrived were busy with theirs.  It was a clear night and we thought all would be well for tomorrow.  My son David and Grandson Jayden had left Newcastle at 4am to travel down and said that it had been raining all night.  As we were getting ready to go, down came the rain.  The car park was very muddy and slippery and the volunteers were helping people to their parking places.  We caught the free bus to the start of the march, as it is a very long walk, and we found that Clan Scott was No. 7 in the parade and we were to march behind The Hills District Pipe Band with their impressive uniforms and tall feather hats.  Also behind us was a group in Viking attire with who were screaming and beating their shields with their swords whilst running up to people taking photos and scaring the daylights out of them and much to everyones amusement.  Both sides of the road were crammed with spectators and Clan Scott got some special cheers.  We marched into the arena and the massed bands started which is a sight to see.  The Chief of the day was Valerie Cairney, editor of the Scottish Banner Newspaper and she was introduced to the Clans.  As I shook her hand I said that I was a big fan and she took my other hand and asked my name.  She is a very graceous lady and it was a pleasure to meet her.  We left the arena after the ceremonies were over and went back to the Clan village where we were inundated with people who were Scotts or decendants of.  Andrew Scott from Launceston in Tasmania is here from Scotland doing his Phd and he became a member along with Stuart Scot from The Entrance.  We gave out three more membership forms so hopefully they will join us at some time.  We also ran our first raffle and it was won by our new member Andrew Scott.  My Grandson who is 9 and shy I might add, was sitting at the front of the tent as it was drizzling rain and asked everyone who walked past if they would like to buy a raffle ticket and not one person refused him, but he is very cute in his kilt.  What a good salesman he is.  Finally by 12.30pm we were able to sit down and have a cuppa.  At 2pm we drew the raffle and we phoned our new member Andrew Scott to let him know he had won and to collect his prize which he was absolutely thrilled about.  We started packing up around 3pm as crowds were dwindling because of the bad weather but it was our most successful Gathering to date and we enjoyed it very much.