Clan Scott Scotland are presently in talks with the Scottish Border Council to obtain planning permission to erect a cairn at the traditional meeting place at Bellendean near Hawick in the Scottish borders, They have obtained the backing of Scottish Water, the owners of the land, having purchased it in the '60's when the reservoir was extended, They are waiting for the council to return from the festive break, this is being done on behalf of ALL the Clan Scott Groups as its for the good of the Clan


Another project  being looked into is a Border Clan Centre at Branxhole Castle, 3miles south of Hawick, this project is in the very early stages,

Check back for more updates on all the Scottish projects as we get them

You can check the Scottish website at, enjoy the visit


The car stickers were kindly donated by our member Ross Scott

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Heart shaped cushion is - $5.00 each –

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Round shaped cushion is – $7.00 each -                                                                  “


Scottie Dog bag is $5.00 – to hang with your kilt

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Small Gift Cards are $1.00 – blank inside to be used for

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Large Gift Cards are $4.00 -                           “                                       - Large cards are made with genuine Scott Tartan




I also have sheets of Scott Modern Green gift wrapping paper – size 70 x 49 cm and made of a high quality paper – $2.00 each – not suitable to post but can be picked up at the Gatherings.




Clan Scott News

items for sale

Clan Scott Australia Group


Dear Clansfolk, once again, I am pleased to rtlay theis message to you all, announcing the return to office of our original committee, as the result of the election conducted in conjuction with the Bi-Annual General Meeting. By making this gesture members have shown confidance in their committee and support for the future of Clan Scott Australia Group.

I extend thanks to all members who participated in the election and particulary to : Renae Maxted, David Scott, Audrey Tonkin, Rod Tonkin, Bruce Scott, Ann Matheson, Rosemary McCormick, Ken Scott and Wallace Scott for their assistance and support.

We can look forward to joining with Clan Scott Scotland and Clan Scott North America in ventures being planned for the Border Region in Scotland by Clan Scott. I will be in contact with our Clan Chief, advising him of the result of the election.

Recently I received a very nice note from our Clan Chief, the Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry, expressing his pleasure for our efforts to promote Clan Scott throughout Australia. He was enthusiactic about the participation of our youngest members at Glen Innes and Nelson Bay  


I am organising my agenda for the coming yearto visit Scottish and Celtic functions at home and interstate and will let you know the details on our web site

I have asked our secretary to advise the result of the election

Heather de Sylva, Commissioner, Clan Scott Australia


Treasurers Report

Our financial year is frim 1st July to 30th June in each year.

Bank statement for period ending  30/6/2017 shows a credit balance of $1,667.00, after all accounts paid. A later statement, 7/12/17, shows a credit balance of $1,891.00 after all accounts paid. Our financial position is good.

Deposits are from membership fees, donations, raffles, and sale of crafted items. Our major expense include: Public Liability Insurance (a must), Stall Sites, Clan Sites, Clan Group fees, Advertising andWeb Site.

There are still some outstanding Membership Fees. The fees for continuing membership is $10.00 p.p. (adult) and $5.00 p.p. (junior) per year. Please remit as soon as possible.

David Dudgeon

Treasurer 9/12/17



As President of Clan Scott Australia Group, I extend to all members my thanks for their support throught the past 2 years. I am pleased our dedicated Committee has been returned to office for another two year term in promoting Clan Scott in Australia.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas, with family and friends, May the coming year bring you all much happiness.

From my husband Paul and my self,   all the very best.

HEATHER de SYLVA, president

Clan Scott Australia